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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals

At AKME, we believe in an environment of fairness, transparency, support, and respect.  As a result, our people exhibit integrity, professionalism, a strong work ethic, and care very much about our customers' satisfaction.  All staff are properly trained, bonded, insured, and have their own transportation.



Our Story

 Having begun this business several years ago as a means to support my daughter and I, our livelihood has always depended on your satisfaction, and that passion is still at the heart of AKME; I take your satisfaction very personally.  I understand the importance of high quality cleaning, not skipping the details, going beyond your expectations, and how that translates to happy and loyal customers.  I believe in quality products and quality people, and being accountable to you, the customer.


*AKME: Greek ~ 'the highest point of achievement'

Deborah Akhurst

Owner and General Manager

Always available, directly  involved, passionate about pleasing customers, and very hands on.

Unlike the big companies, you are not dealing with a remote head office; I am reachable, friendly, and resolve concerns immediately.

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